The Marina Avtivity Centre viewed as you approach from the west, the centre is a point where your C2C stamping card can be marked to register your travelling of the route.

The C2C / W2W / NCN1 cycle route continues off to the right of this photograph around the path that follows the River Wear to the seafront. As you approach the seafront and the piers the pathway is quite narrow and you will normally quite a few anglers fishing from the path. Please slow down and give way to the anglers as they have used this area for fishing for a great man years !! At the end of this section the route turns left along the seafront promenade - Marine Walk.

As you turn left beside the milepost, there is a short ramp down to the beach, this may not be the best one to use. There is another ramp down to the beach a few hundred yards (metres) further North. This is a better site to start / finish your coast-to coast journey and will provide a good photographic opportunity to celebrate the start or finish of that journey with the piers and the lighthouse in the background. There are also carparks in the area for any back-up vehicles to use, the carpark near to the Sunderland Yacht Club being a free car park.

By the middle of 2008 (July or August) there will be a fine piece of artwork at this point, near to the lifeboat station, to commemorate your achievement of completing the C2C or W2W.

Inside the Activity Centre there is an interesting feature known as a Tufa, created as a result of water seeping through the underground rock and creating calcified stalagtites around the roots and grasses. If you ask at the reception desk of the Actvities Centre they will direct you to the Tufa. There are two views of the Tufa above.