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Sustrans, which stands for SUStainable TRANSport, is a charity whose aim is to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport to help reduce motor traffic and its adverse effects. With roots in Civil Engineering, they undertake practical projects such as cycleways and footpaths. Their flagship project, the National Cycle Network, reached the grand total of 10,000 miles open as at summer 2005 consisting of traffic free paths and minor roads linking most main towns and cities in the UK.
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As well as the National Cycle Network, Sustrans also works on Safe Routes to Schools, safe Routes to Stations and other practical responses to the transport and environmental challenges we face. Sustrans' work relies on the generous donations and monthly standing orders of 40,000 Supporters, and the support of charitable trusts, companies, the National Lottery and local authority programmes.

Sustrans employees and Volunteer Rangers enjoy a break whilst cycling near Keswick  photo  © Dik Stoddart