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about this site
This site is intended to offer cyclists information on various cycle routes around the country as well as the National Cycle Network and Sustrans who are the people behind the NCN. There is detailed information on some cycle routes already on the site but hopefully in time other people will also add their own sites dedicated to a section or full route on the National Cycle Network.

One of the many Millennium Mileposts along the length of the National Cycle Network  photo  ©  Paul Hilton
The site originally built as a collaboration between Dik Stoddart, and Sustrans to attempt to offer cyclists - both new and experienced - information on some of the excellent cycle routes the UK has to offer. There are also links to various other website's all with a cycling related theme to help you out with just about any query regarding your bike and cycling in general. Whether you are planning to ride the Sea to Sea (C2C) cycle route as a long distance cycling holiday or just want to find out more about cycling opportunities on the National Cycle Network this site will hopefully help you get more information.

To find out more information about adding your own cycle route website to www.cycle-routes.org. simply contact

This site is now managed by Doug Ridgway
Sustrans Liaison Ranger - Hadrian's Cycleway NCN 72 - Tyneside

Sustran Volunteer Rangers on a day out  photo  © Dik Stoddart